Spring 2020 Junior Programs

FUNdamentals Program

The AFTC FUNdamentals programs are designed for juniors ages 4-16. It is the perfect program for players to learn the basics of tennis - serve, rally, and score, to promote playing the sport for life. As a player progresses from one stage to another, more advanced techniques and ball control skills are introduced.

We offer a variety of play opportunities in a fun and competitive environment. Please refer below to our Game Days, Rogers Rookie Tour, Minor Tennis League, and Future Stars descriptions. The fall play schedule will be handed out on the first day of class.

Please note: Classes run with a minimum of 3 participants. If you have registered for a class and there are less than 3 participants, you will be asked to move to another day and or time.

Junior Tennis Pathway

At the end of the fall session, an evaluation certificate is given to each student in our FUNdamental program. Upon mastering the outlined skills, players are informed by our coaching staff if they are ready to graduate to the next level. Unlike in some other sports, kids often spend more than one session in a level. Please refer to the pathway chart showing the ages and levels.

Academy program is by try-out or invitation only.

Q & A

Q: How does my child get into the Academy program?

To be eligible, players need to be assessed on the required competencies. For example, physical literacy skills, following instructions, coordination, and overall desire to learn. Contact Rufus Nel at [email protected] for more information.

Q: Can my child join the Academy at any level and age?

This can be done at any stage. Kids in the FUNdamentals stream can cross over to the Academy stream on the recommendation of their coach.

Q: Do the kids learn different skills in each stream?

No, they learn the same skills. The expectation is higher in the Academy stream as they train in a more competitive environment.

What are play opportunities?

Getting a tennis lesson is one piece of the puzzle in becoming a tennis player, but the other piece is practicing what you learn. All our play opportunities are designed for kids to practice their learned skills in  fun organized matches. It is highly recommended that you encourage your kid to participate in these play opportunities.The fall play schedule will be handed out on the first day of class.

Rogers Rookie Tour (RRT)

This non-competitive fun format is designed for recreational players to play fun doubles matches against other players of a similar level. Players will be partnered by the pros to ensure equal level matches. Parents will be allowed to sit on the court and watch the games.

Play Days

Junior Play Day is the perfect way to get kids comfortable competing in a low-pressure setting and friendly environment. Kids will learn how to play matches using modified scoring, non-elimination format, and timed matches. All players will be grouped according to level and play ability.

Minor Tennis League

The Minor Tennis League is a tennis program that provides participants with the opportunity to combine practice and play, with a focus on skill development through match play. Games are played using the kid’s tennis format, which includes appropriate equipment (based on age and skill level) with corresponding court sizes. The Minor League is structured by the following divisions:

  • Red ball | 1⁄2 court | Recommended ages: 6-8
  • Orange ball | 3⁄4 court | Recommended ages: 8-10
  • Green ball | Full court | Recommended ages: 10-12

Players are placed in teams with other players of similar strength. The format we use matches teams of similar ability. Scores are kept and the results are counted towards the team’s overall score to ensure all participants' efforts are rewarded.

Future Stars presented by Tennis New Brunswick & Abony Family Tennis Center

The aim of the Future Stars Tour is to create a competitive opportunity for U8-U10 junior tennis players by encouraging participation. The Future Stars Tour is for:

  • players who have competed in Rogers Rookie Tour events or are part of a Red, Orange, or Green Ball program
  • competitors who are looking to enhance their competitive experience and meet the Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) competitive criteria

Quality Standards
All our coaches have completed the Tennis Canada and Tennis Professional Association Quality Standard workshop. Refer to Quality Standards for Kids' Tennis to find out more about the quality standard program.

Parents can do it as well!

Instead of sitting having coffee, why not show your kids that you can learn to play tennis too. We design our programs to allow parents to participate in their own program while the kids have their lesson. We offer a cardio tennis class for starter to intermediate players and a Tennis Xpress class for beginners. See our program descriptions in the adult program guide. No tennis experience is required to participate in these classes.

The following are days and times we run junior and adult classes at the same time. We provide all the necessary equipment.

Monday 6-7

  • Le Petit
  • Red Ball
  • Orange Ball
  • Tennis Xpress
  • Cardio Tennis

Tuesday 6-7

  • Le Petit
  • Red Ball
  • Tennis Xpress
  • Cardio Tennis

Saturday 9am and 10am

  • Le Petit
  • Red Ball
  • Orange Ball
  • Tennis Xpress
  • Cardio Tennis

Saturday 11am

  • Le Petit
  • Red Ball
  • Green Ball
  • Cardio

If you and your child are registered in your respective programs at the same time, you receive 5 one-hour family time court passes valued at $60. You can use the passes on any weekend evening after 5:00pm. Booking is allowed 1 day in advance.

Le Petit Tennis 4 - 5 years

In this class, your child will discover tennis through engaging stories and images. This allows for better communication and maximizing their attention and focus. Our focus is on developing basic physical literacy skills, eye-hand coordination, racquet, and ball skills. Your child will develop a love for tennis in a safe and fun environment.

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Red Ball Fundamentals 6 - 8 years

We use low compression balls, smaller courts, and smaller racquets to develop the basic fundamentals and ball controls to learn to serve, rally, and score. Using appropriate equipment and games, kids develop agility, speed, and coordination to build a solid foundation to move on the court.

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Orange Ball Fundamentals 9 - 11 years

Whether progressing from Red Ball or starting tennis for the first time, players use a low-compression orange ball and play on a 3/4-size court.

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Green Ball Fundamentals 12 - 16 years

This popular tennis program for teens introduces players to tennis in a fun, easy, game-based learning environment.

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Girls Teen Tennis

An opportunity for teen girls to be active and have fun.

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Hours of Operation

Monday to Thursday: 8:30am - 10:00pm
Friday to Sunday: 8:30am - 8:00pm

If no courts are booked, we may close early.

The Abony Family Tennis Centre will be closed until further notice.

Online Account

Quick link to your AFTC Online Account Login for program registration, court bookings and account review.

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