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With the ever-increasing popularity of tennis over the past few years, we strive to improve our services to the many current supporters and newcomers to the Abony Family Tennis Center. By providing more streamlined management and systems, we believe the AFTC will become increasingly sustainable and help us deliver our core values of accessible and affordable play to all ages and levels.

These changes will ultimately benefit the center and players by allowing us to better usher in the indoor season every fall and to emphasize the value of a summer player card.  We will also see an amalgamation of certain court rates in an effort to offer a more straight-forward payment structure.

Current Player Card

Valid for 1 year from the month purchased. The benefits of the card holders expiring in October 2019 - May 2020 will be met. They are:

  • 2 free doubles or 1 free singles play per month
  • Discount on court fee
    • Saving $2 on every singles 90 minute court booking
    • $1.00 on every doubles 90 minute court booking

New Player Card

All player cards purchased will expire on May 31, 2020. The cost of the player card will be prorated depending on the month it was purchased. 

Adult $138 9 months up to 59 years
Senior $112 9 months 60+ years

Benefit to New Player Card Holder

  • Discounted court fee
    • Saving $3 on every singles 90 minute court booking
    • Saving $1.25 on every doubles 90 minute court booking
    • 1 free play per month (either singles or doubles)
  • 7 days advance booking
  • Discount on select programs and events:
    • Leages/Ladders
    • Adult programs and events
    • Monthly loyalty program incentives
    • Free private or group lessons to players who use their Player Cards the most

The cost of the Player Card will be pro-rated depending on the month and day it was purchased.

Click here to purchase your Player Card.

Benefit to the center

  • Better opportunity to market the true value of the player card with the start of the indoor season.
  • Opportunity to add a better value to a summer player card for June  - August
  • All player card transactions and usage recorded through our online system

Hours of Operation

Monday to Thursday: 8:30am - 10:00pm
Friday to Sunday: 8:30am - 8:00pm

If no courts are booked, we may close early.

The Abony Family Tennis Centre will be closed until further notice.

Online Account

Quick link to your AFTC Online Account Login for program registration, court bookings and account review.

Merchant of Tennis

Shop for the latest tennis gear at the Merchant of Tennis while supporting our community. To ensure your order contributes to the No Child Refused fund, please use the links provided on our site.

Click to learn more about the partnership between the AFTC and Merchant of Tennis.



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  • UPDATE: Due to the weather we have decided to close the center at 4:30. Junior and Adult programs are cancelled as well. Stay safe everyone! 1 month ago
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