Highlights, Benefits & World Class Facility Features

Highlights & Benefits

The Abony Family Tennis Center is the only fixed structure six-court indoor facility in the Atlantic provinces and as such will be a regional Center for tennis and a catalyst for the growth of tennis in this region of Canada. There will be substantial benefits for not just the Capital Region but the province of New Brunswick as well.

The Abony Family Tennis Center will:

  • provide accessible and affordable tennis programs to all citizens in the Capital Region, the province of New Brunswick and the Maritime region;
  • provide programming for beginners, intermediate and advanced players;
  • deliver programming to under-represented groups in their communities and at the Abony Family Tennis Center;
  • provide a venue and qualified instruction for wheelchair tennis in New Brunswick;
  • build the tennis knowledge and skills of physical education specialists in local School Districts to ensure tennis is a key component of elementary, middle and high school physical education curriculum;
  • serve as the Maritime regional training centre for high performance tennis athletes;
  • be the only indoor facility that can host international, national and regional tournaments in the Atlantic Provinces;
  • serve as the primary venue for all indoor provincial tournaments;
  • partner in a substantial way with the University of New Brunswick to promote and develop tennis, provide applied internships for students and partner on research opportunities.

World Class Facility Features: Green & Sustainable

  1. Largest Fixed Indoor Tennis Structure East of Montreal

    The Abony Family Tennis Center is located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, sharing land with the new Grant Harvey Centre and is located within a 42 acre recreation park. The tennis facility is a one-storey building with a total gross area of 4221 m2. It contains a six-court tennis hall, welcome entrance, wheel chair accessible shower areas, viewing area, offices and storage rooms.

  2. Energy Efficient By Design

    The building has been designed to be very energy efficient with assistance from Efficiency NB’s Start Smart Program for New Commercial Buildings.

    Significant energy saving features of the building include:

    1. High Levels of Insulation

      Wall thermal resistance of RSI 3.5 (R-value 20) and RSI 4.4 (R-value 25)

      Roof thermal resistance of RSI 7.4 (R-value 42)

    2. Innovative Lighting System

      The building uses pulse start, 1000W fixtures to provide in-direct lighting to eliminate glare in the tennis court area. The lighting system uses 25% less energy than a conventional lighting system, while maintaining recommended ITF Class 11 illumination levels.

    3. Energy Efficient Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Systems

      Heating and cooling is provided by ground source heat pump system.

      Ventilation is provided by heat recovery ventilators.

      Low flow showerheads and faucets are used to reduce water and energy consumption.

    4. First in the World to use Waste Heat from the Grant Harvey Centre

      The building’s principal heating source is a ground source heat pump system. This consists of 18 double U-tube boreholes supplying a distributed heat pump system to heat and cool the building.  Waste heat from the GHC is stored in the earth energy borehole field and used when required by CRCTC during the late fall to early spring heating seasons.

      From late summer to early fall, the borehole field is thermally charged by waste heat produced by the Grant Harvey Centre’s ice plant. The heat needed by the building is supplemented by the arena`s waste heat which increases heating efficiency during the heating season.

    5. Significant Energy Savings

      As a result of the energy efficient measures incorporated in the design, this facility is intended to perform 45% better than an equivalent building constructed to minimum Model National Energy Code for Buildings 1997 (MNECB) standards.  As such, the facility will benefit from comparatively lower energy operating costs year after year.

  3. Climate Friendly – By Design

    The building, by being energy efficient and using waste heat from the Grant Harvey Arena, will avoid significant greenhouse gases over the lifetime of the building.

  4. Plexicushion Tennis Surface

    The court surface consist of a 10 coat Plexicushion Prestige System, one of the world’s leading cushioned tennis surfacing systems.  The sub-surface consists of SBR and EPDM rubber granules, compressed plastic particles and special mineral fibers bound by special water based polymers.  The colours will be US Open Blue similar to that used at the Canadian Open (Rogers Cup).  The surface will have a Category 2 ITF pace rating.

  5. Onsite Wireless, State of the Art Audio & Visual Systems

    This wireless facility will be equipped with state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment. A public address talk over system is installed with a background album system, as well as digital timers and clocks for court changes.

  6. Local Content

    In total, 93% of all engineering and construction services were provided by local firms.  100% of the engineering and architectural and services were provided by Fredericton based firms in the production of the contract documents for the project.  90% of the construction contracts were awarded to New Brunswick based firms, the vast majority to Fredericton firms.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Thursday: 8:30am - 10:00pm
Friday to Sunday: 8:30am - 8:00pm

If no courts are booked, we may close early.

The Abony Family Tennis Centre will be closed until further notice.

Online Account

Quick link to your AFTC Online Account Login for program registration, court bookings and account review.

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